Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Health Insurance for Residents of Columbia, Jefferson City, Kansas City, Sedalia, St Joseph, Topeka and Surrounding Missouri and Kansas Communities

One of the best gifts you could ever give your family is the peace of mind.

This is a gift of knowing that even if you’re no longer here they will be financially secure.No one ever thinks they’ll need life insurance, but there are multitudes of families dealing with financial hardship who know otherwise. Taking charge of your family’s financial health is one of the responsibilities of having those depend on you. You may not realize how much you mean to your family but think about everything you provide – income, stability for future expenses, care and more. Even if you don’t bring in an income you still provide some service whether it’s caregiving for family members present and future, or basic household activities. The loss of any service or income you provide could be overwhelming at one of the most stressful times of your loved ones’ lives.

Security and Peace of Mind

Make sure that your family continues living the life you’ve always wanted for them by providing security and peace of mind with life insurance from Al Janosik Insurance Agency. Wading through the different options for life insurance can be difficult. Knowing what is best for you will give you the power to choose the best life insurance policy to cover future expenses. The options for the life insurance you choose are different from those others may choose. And, what is appropriate now can be different in a few years. There are different options for life insurance and then there are also options for retirement income. We can help you with annuities for generating a constant stream of income.

Call us and we’ll not only give you the life insurance options that fit your family, lifestyle or business needs, we’ll also give you competitive pricing.

Life Insurance Options

We can meet your needs for:

  • Permanent Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Return of Premium Term Life (with this product all the premiums are returned to you at the end of the policy term)
  • Fixed Annuities
  • Key Personnel / Key-man (compensation for financial losses that arise from the death or disablement of the employee specified on the policy)
  • and more

Disability Insurance

Unfortunately we will never know when we might become disabled and for how long. If you are your family’s main source of income, becoming disabled could have a big impact on your family’s financial health for a few weeks, months, years or longer.

While your job may offer disability insurance, it might not be enough. For example, your employee may only offer disability insurance that covers 50% of your income. How will you make up the rest? Supplemental disability insurance is something Al Janosik Insurance Agency helps customers out as part of a comprehensive insurance package.

Disability Options:

Coverage options include:

  • Disability Income Protection

Let us help you with all your life insurance needs.