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You may not think much about worker’s compensation insurance but it’s part of your essential commercial insurance policy. Worker’s compensation is required for companies in Kansas and Missouri. Aside from state regulations, you also want to be sure to protect your company’s liability. This is what worker’s compensation is about – protecting all parties when an employee is hurt on the job.

Maybe you don’t think your company need a strong worker’s compensation insurance. Let’s look at some of the reasons your worker’s compensation insurance needs to adequately cover you.

  • Every office can suffer from injuries. Most accidents that lead to injuries are slip and fall. A wet floor, a box of copy paper not stored, environmental influences and more can expose even your indoor office to potential injuries and worker’s compensation claims.
  • Claims can include pre-existing injuries. If a worker has a pre-existing injury that is aggravated by duties at work, this can become a worker’s compensation claim.
  • You can’t anticipate injuries. We applaud companies that do safety training and keep a safe workplace. Unfortunately, you can’t anticipate the health and fitness of your employees or when an accident may happen. However, keeping a
    safe record may help you save money on your worker’s compensation insurance.

Common questions about Workers Compensation Insurance

How is my worker’s compensation insurance determined? There is no “one size fits all”. Your workers compensation insurance will be customized according to your company, state regulations, industry, company size and any risks.

What is workman’s comp? There are a number of different terms used for workers compensation insurance including worker’s comp and workman’s comp. However, the technical term is workers compensation insurance.

What does worker’s compensation insurance cover? What does it not cover? You’ll get coverage for accidents occurred while an employee was performing job duties. Coverage also extends to pre-existing injuries aggravating by work duties. Worker’s compensation does not cover injuries due to employee fights, employees who were under the influence of drugs or alcohol or similar circumstances that the injury was the fault of employee negligence.

Can I get different levels of worker’s compensation coverage? Yes, you can get the state minimum or get increased coverage. Your worker’s compensation insurance will also need to change as your company grows, business offerings change or any other changes.

How can I find cheap workers compensation coverage? You can definitely get the minimum coverage which may be all you need. However, we suggest calling us so we can create the right policy for your company. We can also search through various carriers to find the right price you’re looking for.

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